Voice Instructors


benjamin Kawsky

Benjamin has extensively studied vocal performance for many years and continues to add to his own technique. He has a  Master of Vocal Performance Degree from the Chicago College of Performing Arts. He currently works for a recording studio (Sound Summit Studios in Naperville, Illinois) where he teaches voice and help singers record their music in the studio. He has previously taught at The School of Rock in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has administered vocal lessons to every voice type at all different levels. Several of his students have recorded albums and are currently performing all over the world. 


John Mathieu

John Mathieu has spent the past decade honing his vocal talents and studying music at a high level. At the age of five he began studying piano and he joined a top children’s choir in Mobile, AL. His touring highlights with the choir led him to Carnegie Hall and the White House. He has received both bachelor's and master’s degrees specializing in voice and performance. His teaching experience includes both classroom and private studio work, with private students winning numerous awards and local talent shows!