Student Success


Taylor Harper

Taylor shows an amazing transformation after working with BAWS Studio.

I have a lot more control over my tone after a year and a half of working with Ben…. His teaching style is very well rounded. He has helped me so much!
— Taylor Harper

isaiah Williams

Taking lessons with BAWS Studio are amazing because they have a team of people who are extremely educated and have mastered their craft and they can help you master yours!
— Isaiah Williams

Eden Golan

Eden is a student of Benjamin Kawsky, and will be in the finals of The Voice Russia Kids!

Jack Romero

Congrats to Jack Romero on his new EP! Jack is a student of Benjamin Kawsky and recorded at Sound Summit Studio.

Liam Kelley

I’ve grown more from the couple of months I’ve worked with Benjamin than I have with any other instructor. He is truly a phenomenal teacher! He will make sure your technique is flawless.
— Liam Kelley

daly obrien

As a singer/songwriter looking to improve my vocal chops, I needed to find someone that I could jump right in with and start improving right away. Benjamin provided me with a really comfortable environment and laid back teaching approach that has given me great confidence in myself as a performer.  From the great, useful warmups to the very insightful critiques, Benjamin has taught me a lot about my own voice and what I have to work with. I’ve improved drastically over the last few months, and his suggestions and ideas about how to approach various singing techniques are without a doubt the reason why.  I look forward to continuing my lessons with Benjamin, and I have very high hopes in myself as an artist after learning from him a great deal about what it takes to be a good singer!
— Daly O'Brien

clayton Mann

I had been singing for a while before I took lessons from Ben. When I first started he opened a whole new world of singing for me. He’s an excellent teacher in not only technique, but also helping you capture the feeling of a piece. I would highly recommend Ben as a vocal teacher to anyone. He is highly educated and very professional. He can take your singing to the next level!

Mackenzie Fey

Mackenzie Fey is a Nashville singer/songwriter.

Working with her has been amazing! She has sooo much soul!
— Benjamin Kawsky

Dan Berdelle

Dan is a rockstar on stage, and a rockstar student. You feel every word he says.
— Benjamin Kawsky